"The functions are helpful; the compilation of the 3D maps is impressive."
Macwelt.de - Score: 1.8

"This app lays the world at your feet, in 3D!" Bild.de Digital - Score: 4/5

"An app recommended for hikers, cyclists and horse enthusiasts..." iPhone & iPad apps in Test Magazine, issue 3/2011 - Score: 8/10

CHIP.de - Score: 5/5

Computer Bild "Premium-App" - issue 15/2011 + issue 5/2012

FOCUS App of the Week - issue 8/2012

Maps 3D - GPS Tracks for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor

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With Maps 3D you can save any parts of the famous OSM map including many hike and bike trails on your phone for free. No need for data connection - all the map and terrain data in your pocket.


- Easy Map handling with Mapmanager

- See the size and name of every map

- Load the desired area either around a track or choose the area on a online worldmap.


Use any tool to create the track you want to use or choose from the rich variety already saved maps in the Everytrail.com portal. Once imported or tagged as favorites, you can import them immediately into the app.


- Track import via Everytrail.com

- Track export simply by email

- A second route can be shown next to the currently recorded one

- Realtime profile showing your speed and height above ground

- See your average and current speed as well as the distance and the height above ground at any time

- Adjust the GPS recording tolerance for position and time


Knowing more about the terrain surrounding you, can be of great help either in risky conditions or simply to get a better estimations of slope and length of the planned trip.


- Real 3D Views from any perspective

- Shaded 2D Map for better orientation

- Zoom and rotate the map view with the iPhone gestures

- High resolution terrain model

- Choose from north-up or your direction of travel or rotate the map by yourself

- Moving the map away from your position shows the precise distance and height difference

- Adjust the elevation factor for your convenience

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